Spare Change

Medicine, and access to medicine, is generally taken for granted in the US. It is no big deal to go to the doctor, get a prescription, and get it filled at the pharmacy. But, in places like Uganda, such luxuries are not only not taken for granted, they are rarely available. Such was the case with the young lady in the middle.


Pastor Fred, on the right, has his congregation praying for MAMO every day. Pastor Dave, on the left, helped lead the initial team and was used of the Lord to spark the idea that has become MAMO.

This beautiful young lady, probably around age 12, had an abscess on her ear. Without antibiotics to stop the progression of the infection, according to the local nurse, she could die within days or weeks; antibiotics cost 1,500 Ugandan shillings or about $.45. When you barely have money for food, even a small amount feels beyond reach. And such was the case for this child…even 1500 shillings was not in the budget.

But it was for us. With money donated by team members, we made it possible to purchase antibiotics. This precious little girl will live to see another day.


This picture is of simple medical kits, including such basic supplies as acetaminophen and antibiotic ointment, that started the dream that has become MAMO. While the supplies in these kits have long since been used, we are working diligently to raise enough money to replace these when our first medical team heads back in February of 2017. If you can help, with a gift of any amount (literally $.45 can save a life), please visit our donation page today.



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