Just One More…

As I type this, my dining room table is covered with letters in various stages of completion. They are letters inviting almost everyone I know to help me deliver medical supplies to orphan schools in Uganda. And while the thought of what we’re doing is very exciting, my heart is breaking; the need is so much greater than what we have.

A friend of MAMO has committed to buying $1000 worth of essential oils. And we’re talking through what that will purchase. We talked about the oils we want to send (lemon, lavender, melaleuca, peppermint, and a propriatery thieves’ blend), but the bottom line is, we can’t. We can’t send all the oils we want to…$1000 won’t go that far when you’re talking about eighteen different schools.

Talking through the oils we can send, the priority is peppermint; it’s the only oil I left when I was there. It may be the only oil we can send. 

Children surrounding me, begging to breath the peppermint because it helped so much.

We have so many privileges in the U.S. So many. And we take so many of them for granted. We so easily forget that not everyone in the world has the same privileges. No, I don’t want children in the US to lose their health coverage. But children in Uganda don’t have any!! In Uganda if you can’t pay for medicine, you don’t get any. Period.

One of the thousands of chilren we’re trying to provide medical support for.

We’re doing everything we can to get medical support for thousands of orphans in Uganda. But the bottom line is, we can’t do it all. And that is SO hard.

Even as we were talking about what oils to take, we had to face the brutal reality of life in Uganda…children will die and there won’t be anything we can do.

IMG_0746 cropped
Trying to help a boy who stepped on a rusty nail. We could do virtually nothing.


This boy stepped on a rusty nail. He’s never had a DTap, or a Tdap, or any other vaccine. And there was no Tex Tox available. There was nothing we could do…

We don’t know if he is even still alive…

The brutal reality is, some of the children we saw last year are gone.  They died because they lacked access to even the most basic medical support. And that breaks my heart. As I type this, tears are rolling down my face. 

Will you help provide life-saving medical support for these precious children? Will you help save just one more…

Here are some ways you can help…

  • $200 will help rent a van and pay for transportation to one school.
  • $250 will provide a medical kit for one school.
  • $50 will allow a pastor to attend the one-day first aid training.
  • $50 will allow a teacher to attend the one-day first aid training.
  • $75 will pay for professionals to supervise our team.
  • $45 will allow us to provide care packages for teachers at one school.
  • A gift of any amount can help with a “Murphy Day.” According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will. In the spirit of Murphy, we want to prepare for that “something” that can go wrong, especially for the pastors and children who have no other “safety net.”

To partner with us, please go to our donate page or check out our Amazon wish list.


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