First Time Ever

1Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach didn’t exist at this time last year. In fact, it’s been just about a year since a mom of many and former nurse was invited to travel to Uganda as part of a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) team; an experience that has dynamically impacted many lives and awakened callings that many have carried since childhood.

About eight months ago, that same mom and former nurse was sitting on a bus, sobbing over the overwhelming suffering of precious Ugandan children.img_4544

While pouring her heart out to God and processing with a beloved mentor, who just happened to be sitting in the seat in front of her (and now sits on the board for MAMO), God began to plant ideas in hearts. Within hours, fully assembled (very) basic medical kits were ready to be delivered to help alleviate some of that suffering.

first-purchase-med-kitsThe next day, riding that same dusty bus, God gave the vision for what has become MAMO. It was truly amazing.


Since that day on the bus, God has worked in incredible ways to make MAMO a reality. It is hard to believe it’s only been months since this dream began and now we’re preparing to make our first trip! In late April, a team of six will be heading over to distribute more comprehensive medical kits to seven different schools and hosting a training for the remaining pastors in the network, so fewer children will suffer needlessly.


Not only will fewer children suffer needlessly, but lives will be saved because of these medical kits, not just when American medical missionaries are at the school or in the village, but after we leave, because of the training we’re going to do.


None of this is possible without help, however. So we’re asking for yours. Specific needs are listed below.

  • Rent a van and pay for fuel ($200/day). We need fourteen sponsors.
  • Provide a medical kit for one school ($250). We need eighteen sponsors.
  • Host a pastor for the one-day first aid training ($50). We need ten sponsors.
  • Host a teacher for the one-day first aid training ($50). We need ten sponsors.
  • Ugandan nurse who will be supervising our team ($75/day). We need ten sponsors.
  • Care packages for teachers at the schools ($45). We need eighteen sponsors.
  • Sponsor a “Murphy Day.” According to Murphy’s Law, anything that can go wrong, will. In the spirit of Murphy, we want to prepare for that “something” that can go wrong, especially for the pastors and children who have no other “safety net.”

MAMO is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization, so all your gifts are tax-deductible.


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