Tough Choices

We’re packing bags in preparation for our departure next week. And in that process, we’re coming face to face with tough choices. Painful choices, even. Because this is a humanitarian trip, we’re allowed two checked bag per person. A total of 600 lbs. Suddenly, how much items weigh has become almost as important as how … More Tough Choices

It’s Messy!

The first ever MAMO Medical Team will be leaving for Uganda in just a matter of days. Which means things are messy right now. The learing curve is very steep, and we’re figuring out what we don’t know…the hard way.  Which is hard. But starting new things is messy. It takes tremendous amounts of work, … More It’s Messy!


Our team leaves for Uganda in fifteen days. And we don’t have all the money we’ve estimated it will cost to provide medical support to upwards of 10,000 children in that eighteen Christian schools in our fledgling network. God has provided to this point in SO many amazing ways, it’s beyond incredible. Just recently, before … More Still