Our team leaves for Uganda in fifteen days. And we don’t have all the money we’ve estimated it will cost to provide medical support to upwards of 10,000 children in that eighteen Christian schools in our fledgling network.

Girls in Uganda

God has provided to this point in SO many amazing ways, it’s beyond incredible. Just recently, before we’d even started praying, God raised up a potential grant writer. Right after providing a Member of Congress who is willing to sign a letter of recommendation for any grants we may decide to apply for.

All the medical supplies have been donated by an ambulance company, and someone provided $1000 worth of essential oils. A school did a coin drive and raised almost $800. A local coffee roaster is roasting Ugandan beans and donating profits to MAMO. We had been featured in a Christian newspaper three times. We may have at least one story in the local newspaper as well. And one of our co-founders will be on the radio in a couple of days, promoting the trip and the coin drive. God is opening incredible doors.


And yet, we can’t see how He will provide the financial costs of our trip. Which is why this song by Hillary Scott is so precious right now. Can we trust God to continue providing? Absolutely! Can we see how it will work? Not yet. And are we tempted to take control? You betcha!! And yet, even in the midst of those struggles, God whispers in our hearts that we can trust Him. He IS Jehovah Jirah. He IS The Provider. He IS the One who calls us. And He IS trustworthy. We’re just in the middle of this story, and we can’t see how it ends.

So, the question is, will we trust the God we cannot see? Will we walk by faith, or by sight? By God’s grace, we choose to walk by faith. And look forward to sharing with you the amazing ways we see God provide.




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