It’s Messy!

The first ever MAMO Medical Team will be leaving for Uganda in just a matter of days. Which means things are messy right now. The learing curve is very steep, and we’re figuring out what we don’t know…the hard way.  Which is hard.


But starting new things is messy. It takes tremendous amounts of work, determination, perseverance, and a cause that is so compelling that nothing can stand in the way.

That’s what we have with MAMO. We’re not just thinking of nameless, faceless orphans whose images flash across a TV screen; we’re thinking of children we’ve held in our arms, whose laughter has filled our hearts, and of children whose hungry eyes gazed into ours. Knowing that some of those children will not be there when we get back drives us to do whatever we can to provide even basic supplies.

Ugnada_July 2016 Pic - 379

Learning to deal with messy is hard, though. It doesn’t feel good to be learning, because learning requires making mistakes. And missing things. And having to do things over.

It is humbling. And sobering. And kind of scary.

But the awesome thing about MAMO is, our cause is SO compelling that none of these obstacles or challenges have stopped us. The executive team is working through each step, answering questions, digging into details, using their strengths, and getting the job done. We leave in a matter of days. It is a monumental achievement. And we can’t wait to share the stories of how God works through this process.


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