Tough Choices

We’re packing bags in preparation for our departure next week. And in that process, we’re coming face to face with tough choices. Painful choices, even.

Because this is a humanitarian trip, we’re allowed two checked bag per person. A total of 600 lbs. Suddenly, how much items weigh has become almost as important as how much they cost. Hundreds of dollars of medical supplies have been donated. How much do they weigh?


Plus shoes, clothes, glasses, activities for the children, treats for kids…



Someone offered to give us an entire case of Bibles. For free.

What a treasure it would be to give away that many Bibles.

The challenge is, what is more important? What do we take?


How much does a case of Bibles weigh?

Do we want clothes? Or shoes? Will they fit? How much do they weigh?

What is most important?

Very difficult questions to answer. Very difficult…

Honestly, it is overwhelming. And heartbreaking. What do we choose? Life-saving medical supplies? Or the Life-Giving Word? Shoes? Band-aids? Clothes? Or underwear?

This really is a question of what can’t these children live without?  Not a question of convenience. Or comfort.

It is, quite literally, the choice between life and death.

These are difficult choices. We don’t like them. We don’t want to have to choose. But we must. So we are. Through tears. And celebrate that we get to choose. Because choosing means we get to do something. As one of the co-founders keeps saying, this is our first trip. By God’s grace, we will go back. With more supplies. Many, many times. And that is a precious gift indeed.

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