The Measure of Success

The first ever MAMO Med Team just returned from Uganda. It was an absolutely amazing trip and went better than we could have hoped or imagined.

The highlight, of course, was seeing Afuwah, the young girl who inspired what has become MAMO. She remembered the team from last year, which was very special. She walked a great distance to see us, barefoot. It was a delight to be able to provide her with a new pair of shoes. And a testimony to God’s grace that one of the three pairs we brought with us that day fit perfectly.


Another day, at another school, another little girl, just about the same age, started throwing up. But this time, we were prepared. Hope was severely dehydrated, and while we weren’t able to deduce exactly why she was sick, we were able to help.

Praying for Hope was the most important thing we could do.

Hope needed more help than we could provide, so we helped get her to a medical clinic close by. That was a frustrating experience that we’ll explain more about later. But to be able to help even a little was absolutely incredible.

By any measure, our trip was a resounding success. But what really matters isn’t the lives that were impacted or the supplies that were delivered. The true measure of success was simply going. We stepped out in obedience. That’s what we were called to do. And God did immeasurably more than we asked or imagined.

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