What a Difference a Year Makes

One year. Twelve months. Three hundred sixty-five days. Not a huge amount of time, especially in the grand scheme of life. But oh what a difference a year can make. In the case of MAMO, it has been an incredible year, indeed.


Exactly one year ago today, a small group of people gathered at the Sea-Tac airport for a trip that would change their lives. Little did we know how transformational that trip would be. Because of the diversity of the team, we met for the first time at the airport. New names, new faces, new relationships, new beginnings. All relatively insignificant, at the moment. But names, faces, and relationships that would change the way we looked at life, and especially the way we engaged in it.



Much has happened in the last year. An incredible amount, really. From taking off for Uganda on July 9, 2016 to having hearts broken for the desperate needs of precious children to landing back in Seattle on July 22 to launching Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach in October, and sending our first team just this April, we’ve seen God exceedingly and abundantly more!


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We’re in awe at God’s blessings and provision, and overwhelmed by His grace. In the last year we:

  • met for the first time
  • saw a desperate need
  • engaged in that need
  • became a team
  • started an organization
  • developed a vision, a mission statement, and a plan
  • connected with new people
  • developed partnerships with various businesses and organizations
  • delivered basic medical kits to a small network of private Christian schools
  • provided essential medical support to thousands of needy children
  • encouraged and blessed the pastors leading the schools
  • saved childrens lives
  • have seen lives transformed by the power of the Gospel
MAMO sprang from the hearts of people who love Jesus and want to proclaim the Gospel through word AND deed.

Looking ahead, there is SO much potential. We know what we want to do: continue providing medical supplies and education and we dream of developing a scholarship program to educate Ugandan nurses to work in church-based clinics started by pastors who have a vision for how that can bless their communities. We don’t know exactly how to do that, yet. But with all God has already done, we’re confident He’ll make a way.

unnamed (17)
Maybe these two precious children will grow up to participate in the scholarship program, train as nurses, and come back to minister to a whole new generation.

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