This is Hope, by Emily Furnish, RN

The school that broke my heart the most was Budiba. In the small chapel with a dirt floor, students crammed into desks excited to welcome us as their visitors. As our Ugandan nurse, Aidah, was teaching basic health and hygiene education to the kids, a littl girl ran out the back to throw up. Her name was Hope.

unnamed (14)

On any usual day, there would be no school nurse, no first aid kit with thermometers, rehydration salts, ibudprofen, or cooling pads. Hope would have been suffering silently behind the building, miserable; possibly sent home with well wishes. This day was different, because of the blessings God brought through MAMO.


I knew Hope was very sick; she was probably the only kid who wasn’t scared of my thermometer. She was too ill and too tired to care.

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As we gave her fever reducer, rehydration salts, and cooled her with the chill pal towel, we realized she needed more than we had with us. We turned to God, and did all we had left, which was to pray. Sometimes you can’t fix people, sometimes God gives you a dead end to show you that He is good, powerful, and in control.

While Hope was taken to the local clinic, I stayed behind playing with kids and praying for her. Seeing kids playing, happy over crayons and bubbles, I prayed that Hope would be one of those happy, playful kids again.

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This day inspired me to do more when I came back home. Although my heart was overwhelmed with needs, I was so thankful for all MAMO could do to care for even one sick child. We may not see the day to day needs met through the first aid kits, but God has allowed us to be part of something big even if we don’t get to see everything He is doing.

That is the mission of   MAMO –




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