Dreams DO Come True!!

Last July, a team of Americans traveled to Uganda to host sports camps at small, independent Christian schools, all participants in a feeding program sponsored by an American organization. Two of the team members went as medics, prepared for sports-related injuries and issues. Nobody went prepared to care for sick children. But on the first … More Dreams DO Come True!!


Last year, one of the schools we visited was hosted by a local church, in a slum of Mbale. When the vision for MAMO was shared, the pastor took a photo of the team, saying he would ask his church to pray every day for God to bless MAMO. In retrospect, that is probably the … More Catalyst


Someone asked a great question recently…why MAMO? What makes Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach different from all the other organizations doing medical missions in places like Uganda? That is a great question. And it deserves a serious answer. Actually, answering that question is really exciting! It goes to the very core of why MAMO was started, … More Why MAMO?