Last year, one of the schools we visited was hosted by a local church, in a slum of Mbale. When the vision for MAMO was shared, the pastor took a photo of the team, saying he would ask his church to pray every day for God to bless MAMO. In retrospect, that is probably the reason everything happened so quickly!

Prayer photo

Imagine our great surprise and delight when, on our visit this spring, we discovered a new addition to the church campus. Ebenezer Baptist Church in Mbale now has a medical clinic, inspired by MAMO!! Here is a photo of Shadrach with the initial kit last year…


And a photo of Shadrach in front of the clinic at Ebenezer Baptist Church now?! It was SO amazing!!!

Ebenezer clinicWe were able to provide some vital resources…

unnamed (91)

Including malaria treatment…

unnamed (81)

Enough to save five lives!

This is what we hope to see God do at other schools as well…schools like Vision for Africa school, with Pastor Geoffry. This is where he hopes to have his clinic some day.


It won’t be a MAMO medical clinic. It will be the Vision for Africa medical clinic. Because our goal isn’t to build a name for MAMO in Uganda. Our goal is to come alongside Ugandans and empower them to do what God has given them vision to do. By God’s grace, we get to be “wind beneath the wings” of the Ugandan pastors and leaders who are serving families living in extreme poverty as part of the outreach of their church. Men and women who know the language, understand the culture, and are intimately aquainted with the inner workings of the Ugandan medical system, who already have a dream for taking their impact to another level, can be empowered to do what God is calling them to do. And we get to be part of it.

How long it will take to get to this point, or what it will look like, we don’t know. But that God will bring pieces together, just like He has been doing all along, is something we can be confident of.

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