The Rest of the Story

When we were in Uganda in April, we did everything within our power to help Hope. Her story is detailed here. But we left not knowing how she was doing or what her outcome would be.

unnamed (5)

By God’s grace,  a “Rapid Response Team” was able to follow up with Hope in August. And the results are amazing. Pastor Peter, the pastor who started the school she is attending, and who is well connected with her family said Hope’s life was saved by the intervention in April. She fully recovered from the pneumonia that was the worst of her problems, and is doing very well physically as well as in school.

Hope is in the bright green shirt in the lower left of the photo.

What a joy to see her doing so much better; smiling, laughing, playing with friends. And before we left, we were able to find a pair of shoes, too!!

unnamed (92)
Hope is the young girl on the left wearing the green shirt, and sporting bright pink sneakers.

We don’t always get to hear how the meds have been used, or what difference our efforts are making. This time, however, we got to come back and see not only that our efforts have made a difference, but how a life has been transformed.



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