Missional Outreach

When we were talking about a name for the vision God was giving on that dusty bus ride in rural Uganda, the first two letters were easy. Medical Assistance was the main focus of what we were burdened to do. Even before MAMO was anything more than a dream, though, God was giving us a bigger vision…a vision for moving beyond medical assistance to other types of outreach, even though we had no idea what they might be.

Now, we have an idea. What started as a empassioned request by a Ugandan pastor has become a full-fledged MAMO trip. For the first time, we’re branching beyond the “Medical Assistance” aspect to focus on “Missional Outreach.” Chris and Marchauna Rodgers, co-founders of MAMO, will be speaking at a number of events, sharing what they’ve learned about life through eighteen years of full-time ministry and twenty-three years of marriage. Their real claim to fame is being the parents of eight biological children, one son-in-law, and one African son.


Bringing tried and true materials from solid American organizations, including Cru, FamilyLife, Peacemaker Ministries Int’l, and Love & Respect, Chris and Marchauna are excited to support and encourage pastors and ministry leaders who will be taking what they learn back to their congregations.

While it will be difficult to measure total impact, this is a powerful example of discipleship and multiplication…a very real example of 2 Tim 2:2 at work…taking what has been entrusted, entrusting it to faithful men and women, who will be able to share it with others also. Though not the only expression, this trip is what “Missional Outreach” is all about.


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