My MAMO story

I have been part of MAMO since the ignition of the dream before MAMO even existed as we were bouncing our way down a red dirt road in a bus filled with twenty-seven people. I was sitting beside my mom, who was crying and praying and journaling and talking with an old family friend, Dave Hunter, who was in the row ahead of us.

My mom’s life dream has been a major topic of conversation at my home for my whole life. She will be sharing her story later this year, so I don’t want to spoil anything, but long story very, very short, her dream was to be a missionary nurse in India or Africa, and God closed the door for so long that it had seemed like He’d told her no to medical missions in favor of working as a missionary in the United States.

My mom in Africa, living her dream.

This was the context for my own dream of being a missionary doctor in Asia. I’ve been working toward living my dream since I was twelve, and now I’m studying general biology at a major university and looking at medical schools that I want to apply to.

But due to my mom’s story, I spent a long time wondering if my life would, like my mom’s, be spent doing something unrelated to medical missions. Wondering if, like my mom, my dream would be something that God would use to bring me to what he actually had for me.

The answer to that worry is a loud, resounding, NO! I still don’t know what exactly my life will look like (the question of whether or not I’ll get into medical school could plague me on a daily basis if I let it) but through how I’ve seen God work in my mom’s story, I’ve come to trust the character of God more and more. Even if I never in my lifetime go to Asia where I feel called, I trust that God has something incredible in store for me. And I 100% expect to go to Asia someday.

My #TheTimeIsNow story is basically the opposite of everyone else’s, because instead of having to wait fifteen, or twenty, or thirty years to go to Africa and do mission work, my wait was just barely longer than five years.

One of the major things I’ve learned by being a part of MAMO is that God doesn’t give you dreams to say no to those dreams. If God has given you dreams that haven’t happened yet, keep waiting. Keep trusting. Take some time to read Hebrews 11 when you’re discouraged. Finally, keep a look out for stories of how God has worked in the lives of those around you. He is faithful.


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