When I went to Uganda in July of 2016 I met a child named Jacob. The first thing I noticed was his smile, his alertness, and the enjoyment he had out of the simple act of blowing bubbles with Marchauna, the Co-founder of MAMO. Marchauna asked me to blow bubbles with him so she could help some of the other children, and that’s when I noticed Jacob’s wheelchair.

His wheelchair had two flat tires and a bent rim. The seat was a piece of plywood with some towels tied to it. The wheelchair paint was chipped and faded with rusted metal showing through. As the afternoon wore on and I spent more time with Jacob and watched children playing, I knew that God had a purpose coming out of my time with Jacob. He wanted me to be a part of something beyond what I was imagining. As I spent time blowing bubbles and reading books with Jacob and his friends, the feeling of something more followed me and I could tell something life changing was coming.

Gary with Jacob, the boy in the wheelchair.

Later that same trip, during a bumpy bus ride on red dirt roads, Marchauna shared her dream of starting MAMO, and I realized MAMO was what God was putting on my heart. God was showing me that I could be part of improving the lives of the children in Ugandan schools. Through MAMO, I get to be part of helping provide basic medical assistance and learning of God’s love for them. Our hope is that one day our neighbors in Uganda can be self sufficient in all these things. I felt more apart of this idea when I was asked to serve as a board member and it became stronger when my wife Diane joined me in the journey and the vision of what MAMO is. We are excited to be a part of what God is doing in Uganda through MAMO. 

—Gary Langendorf, MAMO Board Member

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