Our team leaves for Uganda in fifteen days. And we don’t have all the money we’ve estimated it will cost to provide medical support to upwards of 10,000 children in that eighteen Christian schools in our fledgling network. God has provided to this point in SO many amazing ways, it’s beyond incredible. Just recently, before … More Still

First Time Ever

Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach didn’t exist at this time last year. In fact, it’s been just about a year since a mom of many and former nurse was invited to travel to Uganda as part of a Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) team; an experience that has dynamically impacted many lives and awakened callings … More First Time Ever

Just One More…

As I type this, my dining room table is covered with letters in various stages of completion. They are letters inviting almost everyone I know to help me deliver medical supplies to orphan schools in Uganda. And while the thought of what we’re doing is very exciting, my heart is breaking; the need is so … More Just One More…

A God Who Provides

I like numbers. I especially like numbers when they deal with money. I like to control those numbers as much as I possibly can. It makes me a very dedicated and excellent treasurer. However not being able to completely control those numbers raises my anxiety through the roof. I need to know not only where … More A God Who Provides

Spare Change

Medicine, and access to medicine, is generally taken for granted in the US. It is no big deal to go to the doctor, get a prescription, and get it filled at the pharmacy. But, in places like Uganda, such luxuries are not only not taken for granted, they are rarely available. Such was the case … More Spare Change

The Heartbeat

It’s 3am. Child #7 woke me up less than an hour ago, throwing up. On my bed. And on me. She’s miserable. We’re ‎all tired. Not my favorite way to start, or end, a day. But in the midst of this misery is a deep sense of how blessed I am. You see, I live … More The Heartbeat