Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To love as Jesus loves through equipping local leaders with medical support and biblical education. 

Our Mission

To share the love of Jesus through caring for our “neighbors” in Uganda and beyond by providing lifesaving medical assistance, training, resources, educational support and proclaiming the Word of God. 

What does this does this look like?

Bringing medical teams & supplies from the US to train “first aiders” at each school, to help the pastors meet medical needs for children in our growing network of orphanages & schools.

A key part of MAMO is ongoing education and sustainable support. In time, we want to have an endowment fund for scholarships to educate public health workers, nurses, and midwives who can then go back and serve the schools/villages where they grew up.

Part of helping meet medical needs of these children is addressing nutritional needs in a sustainable way. One way to do that is through a partnership with a new organization, Modern Agriculture Practices-Uganda, as well as networking with other US organizations or NGOs who can help with various projects.