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Afuwa, the young girl whose suffering inspired what has become MAMO, just moments before she began throwing up. Photo credit David Gitta, July 2016
We didn’t go to Uganda planning to help with medical needs.
But the needs were so great, we knew we had to do something.
Purchasing supplies for the very first med kits. This was, in the words of David Gitta, “The beginning of a new ministry” even though we didn’t realize what God was going to do, yet… Photo credit Marchauna Rodgers, July 2016
Assembling the first med kits, never imagining what God would do
with this simple step of obedience.
Joe Solem, one of the medics on the first trip, assesses a young girl.
Just a little bit of help, provided with care and compassion, can change lives.
Brad Smith, of Modern Agriculture Practices-Uganda, joined us.
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It was great for Brad to share his wisdom as a fruit tree biologist and
his experience with his own high density orchard to help others catch a
vision for a whole new way of producing fruit.
He taught multiple people how to grow high yield mangos.
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Men, women, and even older students, were all eager to learn what Brad had to share.
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He helped plant mango trees at each school we visited,
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Educating children about hand washing
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and other public health topics
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was a high priority at each school we visited.
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Aidah, our Ugandan nurse, did a fantastic job educating the children on how to stay healthy, how to eat well, why hand washing is important, and how to take care of their teeth.
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In addition to providing medical care and education
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Each team is different. One team included a teacher
who brought coloring supplies for the children.
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Entire classrooms of children were engaged
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with just a page and a crayon.
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The kids loved coloring.
and were so proud of their work. It was fun to celebrate with them.
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It is easy to forget how much children enjoy such simple pleasures.
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Some things transcend language…things like love, listening, and taking time to care.
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Valley Christian School helped raise hundreds of dollars for MAMO’s first trip (April 2017), along with donations of children’s activities, bubbles, and coloring books.
Kids filled pill bottles with spare change.
It added up quickly!!
Alena Stephenson of Elixer Coffee helped, too.
One gentleman donated all the change in his car – almost $25 in just coins.