A Living Legacy

Linda Svoboda, the mother of our co-founder, Marchauna Rodgers, went home to be with Jesus on Monday, August 6, 2018, exactly two months after Linda learned she had Stage 4 Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. It was a brutal two months, as the cancer ravaged her body and took her from her family a little more each day. … More A Living Legacy

The Start

I was blessed enough to be a part of the trip that started MAMO. I was on a mission trip to Uganda in July of 2016. During this time, I was praying that God would show me a place that I would be able to serve that was completely reliant on him. It did not take … More The Start


When I went to Uganda in July of 2016 I met a child named Jacob. The first thing I noticed was his smile, his alertness, and the enjoyment he had out of the simple act of blowing bubbles with Marchauna, the Co-founder of MAMO. Marchauna asked me to blow bubbles with him so she could … More “Jacob”

My MAMO story

I have been part of MAMO since the ignition of the dream before MAMO even existed as we were bouncing our way down a red dirt road in a bus filled with twenty-seven people. I was sitting beside my mom, who was crying and praying and journaling and talking with an old family friend, Dave … More My MAMO story

Missional Outreach

When we were talking about a name for the vision God was giving on that dusty bus ride in rural Uganda, the first two letters were easy. Medical Assistance was the main focus of what we were burdened to do. Even before MAMO was anything more than a dream, though, God was giving us a bigger … More Missional Outreach

If It Was Easy

Out shopping recently, for something totally unrelated to MAMO, we found this plaque. It is exactly what we’re finding with MAMO. It isn’t easy. Not everyone is doing what we’re doing. But it is definitely worth it, even with the risk of malaria, the monotony, the inconvenience of travel (spending 15 hours in a metal … More If It Was Easy

Dreams DO Come True!!

Last July, a team of Americans traveled to Uganda to host sports camps at small, independent Christian schools, all participants in a feeding program sponsored by an American organization. Two of the team members went as medics, prepared for sports-related injuries and issues. Nobody went prepared to care for sick children. But on the first … More Dreams DO Come True!!


Last year, one of the schools we visited was hosted by a local church, in a slum of Mbale. When the vision for MAMO was shared, the pastor took a photo of the team, saying he would ask his church to pray every day for God to bless MAMO. In retrospect, that is probably the … More Catalyst


Someone asked a great question recently…why MAMO? What makes Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach different from all the other organizations doing medical missions in places like Uganda? That is a great question. And it deserves a serious answer. Actually, answering that question is really exciting! It goes to the very core of why MAMO was started, … More Why MAMO?