Last year, one of the schools we visited was hosted by a local church, in a slum of Mbale. When the vision for MAMO was shared, the pastor took a photo of the team, saying he would ask his church to pray every day for God to bless MAMO. In retrospect, that is probably the … More Catalyst


Someone asked a great question recently…why MAMO? What makes Medical Assistance & Missional Outreach different from all the other organizations doing medical missions in places like Uganda? That is a great question. And it deserves a serious answer. Actually, answering that question is really exciting! It goes to the very core of why MAMO was started, … More Why MAMO?

Worth the Price

From our Treasurer Krys Brown: I had waited 23 years for this exact moment. As we started our decent into Entebbe, I looked out the window and became overly excited. I’m here! I’m here! I’m here! It was my first time in Uganda and I was going to soak up every single moment of it. … More Worth the Price

Tough Choices

We’re packing bags in preparation for our departure next week. And in that process, we’re coming face to face with tough choices. Painful choices, even. Because this is a humanitarian trip, we’re allowed two checked bag per person. A total of 600 lbs. Suddenly, how much items weigh has become almost as important as how … More Tough Choices

It’s Messy!

The first ever MAMO Medical Team will be leaving for Uganda in just a matter of days. Which means things are messy right now. The learing curve is very steep, and we’re figuring out what we don’t know…the hard way.  Which is hard. But starting new things is messy. It takes tremendous amounts of work, … More It’s Messy!